Asta Morris

Bert Bruyneel is the founder of Asta Morris, an independent bottler in Belgium. Although Bert is a passionate whisky lover for over 20 years, he started his career as the fifth generation in his family business in the meat processing industry.


After his very first drink, which was a Jack Daniels single barrel back in 1994, lightning struck. Bert’s interest in whisky grew day by day and, alongside his family business, he founded the Wee Dram Whisky Society in Belgium in 1999. His dedication to whisky was widely recognized and becoming a Malt Maniac was a natural fit.


In 2009, with encouragement from friends, Bert founded Asta Morris. Bert’s initial contribution was in the form of articles for various whisky magazines and hosting tastings and masterclasses. During the second year, Asta Morris presented its first bottling, a Glenlivet 1977/2010, followed by an official bottling of Benriach 1978 and 1975 ‘for Asta Morris’.  In this series a 1977, 1979 and 1983 would follow, thanks to an old personal friendship with Billy Walker.

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Girvan 2006 / 2020 Asta Morris

Distillé en 2006, ce whisky a été mis en bouteille par Asta Morris après 13 ans passé en fut ex bourbon au degrés naturel de 58%

Macduff 2012 / 2020 Asta Morris

Distillé en 2012, ce whisky a été mis en bouteille par Asta Morris après 8 ans passé en sherry cask au degrés naturel de 58%