Corman Collins

It was in 1965 that Hubert Corman began his first activities by distributing his dairy products in the Herve region. Not hesitating to diversify its range of products, the evolution of the company was such that now the company is specialized in the distribution of brewery products. The company as it exists today is the result of more than 30 years of effort and continuous work.

At the age of 30, Hubert Corman unites his destiny with Marie-Jeanne Collins and both also complemented each other in work. Their complicity and their ambition was a source of progress and gave real growth to the company.

With the constant concern to prioritize customer service first, the company will gradually expand and demand the hiring of staff. This is how we saw the company grow in importance and carry out extensions in the buildings and depots necessary for the proper functioning of activities as and when required.

In 1995, the current site of the "Caves de Xhéneumont" was created. Everything is grouped there: offices, warehouses, wine cellar and store. This new location, close to the motorway, provides all the access and parking facilities to welcome customers with dignity and ease. It was also during this period that Sylvianne and Hubert Corman Junior, the daughter and the son, joined the company and gave a very family character to the management of this SME.

Today, the company employs around fifteen people and distributes beers (artisanal, Trappist and industrial), wines, aperitifs, whiskey, all kinds of alcohol as well as regional and artisanal specialties (chocolates, spreadable syrup,. ..). Distribution ranges from specialty stores to supermarkets, including cafes and restaurants.

Speaking of artisanal productions, the company Corman-Collins S.A. has over the years brewed specialty beers in their names that can afford to compete with the biggest brewers. It is also thanks to the brewing experience of its many years that the company discovered and marketed "Blanche de Hoegaarden", which was later bought by the company "Interbrew".

In his store with an area of ​​nearly 800 m² spread over two levels, you can find 400 kinds of beers, 200 brands of wine, more than 350 whiskeys and alcohols of all kinds. It is in a very family welcome that customers are received and are advised according to their needs. Three years after the opening of their store, in 1998, the wine cellar was completely renovated with the creation of a cellar where you can find great wines.

Less than a year later, a whiskey bar (the only one in the province of Liège) was created and, in pursuit of this initiative, tastings and trips are organized with visits to distilleries and cellars (in Scotland by example). At present, more than 140 kinds of craft beers are offered by the company. 1999 saw the creation of BAP (Bière à la Pomme) and Merveilleuse de Chèvremont (brewed in Val Dieu).

All the products on offer can be combined in gift boxes where everyone's wishes are intertwined with special beers and beers, wines, spirits and lemonades.